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Top 10 Pregnancy Apps For Expecting Moms

Every week while I was pregnant with my twins, my work colleagues would come up to me and ask, “How big are the twins now?” To which I would reply, “Oh you know, the size of a [insert vegetable here].” Thanks to some great pregnancy apps, I was able to keep track of the babies’ growth in terms of vegetables, treats, or even baby animals. So cute, I can’t even.

I got hooked on pregnancy apps. Anytime a friend would recommend one, I would download it.

I found though, that some apps were better than others. So if you’re wondering what apps are right for you, I gotcha covered, mama.

A mom using pregnancy apps on her phone with her baby

Here’s my list of top ten pregnancy apps and motherhood apps (most of them free):

  1. Pregnancy+
    • I liked this app for its daily articles, weekly growth tracking (in fruits/vegetables), ideas for baby names, and weight tracking.
    • It also has real ultrasound photos to show what the baby may look like (and bonus, some were of twins).
  2. The Bump
    • I liked this app for its daily articles, weekly growth tracking (in fruits/vegetables, sweet treats, and baby animals – yass)
  3. What to Expect
    • I liked this app for its community message board (sharing experiences with other moms).
    • You can also get daily email updates of trending topics on the boards.
  4. Baby Pics
    • I used this app throughout pregnancy and after the babies were born.
    • I use it for fun image overlays (such as adding the Week to images before sharing on social media)
  5. Baby+
    • A continuation of Pregnancy+, I liked this app for its monthly development updates.
    • This app also tracks feeding, sleeping, and diaper changes, though I don’t really use these features.
  6. Pampers Rewards
    • I use this app to gain and redeem rewards on Pampers diaper and wipe products
  7. Huggies Rewards
    • I use this app to gain and redeem rewards on Huggies diaper and wipe products
  8. Sprout Baby
    • This app is great for tracking the health of your baby
  9. The Wonder Weeks
    • This app tracks leaps and major development weeks.
    • I refer to this app when my babies suddenly become fussier (maybe they’re just teething)
  10. Today’s Parent – My Family
    • I use this app to read its many interesting articles.
    • This app also tracks naps, feeding, and potty, though I don’t really use these features

If you’re looking for pregnancy apps to guide you through the journey into motherhood, there are quite a few to choose from! Even if you just need a regular dose of cuteness to mark each week…

For ideas on how to use some of these apps once baby arrives, check out my post on 5 Creative Ways To Document Baby’s First Year Milestones

Have you come across any great pregnancy apps? Let me know in the comments below!

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